Between falsehood and goodness


Hey! I know the expression is politically incorrect but, what about Truth?

What do you mean?

Nothing. It’s just that… Hadn’t we talked about…?

I’m sorry. Love is commanding.

OK then. But… The road map…

Sure. But you know it depends.

It depends, of course. But then, what else? We never…

As a rule, we must be cautious. Try to act according to who, when, how and in which way. And why. Especially the motivation. You know we cannot lose number three. “Thirdless we are hopeless.”

Of course… But remaining just the third is also pitiful.

Better late than never. Be patient. Let’s just make sure we don’t take any step in the wrong direction.

No way! I take charge of this, rest assured.

I wish I could… But we shouldn’t take anything for granted. The enemy is cunning and they never sleep.

You don’t need to worry! Our set of leds and low consumption laser lights can erase darkness from the whole night hemisphere!

I wish this could bring us to victory by itself. But light alone is not enough. It is not that easy. If it were simple, it would have been done already.

We shall wait for your instructions my captain. Just give an order.

You keep all instruments in working order and ready, but let me think for a while, I must reflect upon it a bit…

Proofreader: Marta Pombo Sallés

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