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Letter sent on Jul 5, 2017

Dear Readers and Writers,

You might have noticed that there was no publishing on Monday. This was not an error, though I had intended on publishing a notice prior.

Yesterday was a national holiday for a large section of our readership, including all three of your editors. I felt that publishing right before, or during, this holiday, which typically involves travel and outdoor activities, would be a disservice to our writers. I also felt like having something new to read during the wind down afterwards would be pleasant.

For those reasons, we are publishing today and tomorrow. We hope you enjoy, and for those who celebrated the Fourth of July, we hope it was a wonderful day for you.

As always, we appreciate each and every one of you and always welcome your feedback or other comments.

Feel free to contact us through email: literallyliterary330@gmail.com or Twitter: @Literally_Lit0.


Heath Houston

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