End of Days

Mike Sosteric
Literally Literary
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2 min readJun 21, 2022



The only thing the “leaders” of our world can seem to do,
Is hang on to their privilege while the rest of us are screwed.
They say “COVID, well it is over and you should return to life.”
“Buy that new car, go be a star, just ignore the general strife.”

And they can do that if they want, it matters not at all.
We’re past the point of no return, and naught will stop their fall.
They’ve made their bed, their soul has fled, a tear I will not shed.
For they have made it crystal clear that money is their bread.

And now I say to you, hoping that you have ears to hear.
The normal world that you have known is dying now my dear.
If you keep hanging on it will just worsen final fall.
It’s best if you wake up and realize you’ve been kept in thrall.

The left and right, the black and white, it’s just a game they play.
Keeps peasants at each other throats so they can steal the day.
You’re nothing but a pawn to them. See, they don’t give a shit.
The only thing that you’re good for is working in their pits.

And if this makes you angry, or you feel a fear arise.
Just take a breath, this is no test, it’s just your open eyes.
I’m going to tell you now there is a way through coming storm.
But only if you listen and reject their toxic norm.

You must batten down the hatches, you must listen, you must pray.
You must pay attention now, avoid the Beast, this is the way.
Embrace love, light, and compassion. Mark the doors without delay.
Draw your loved ones close together, for this is the end of days.



Mike Sosteric
Literally Literary

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