Hey You

Photo: Peter Tandlund

Yes, you.

There’s something wrong with your title.
It’s stolen, isn’t it?

“Hey you.”
I’ve seen it before.
Let me Google it here.
A Pink Floyd song?
You couldn’t even steal it from a real poem, could you?
I bet you've never read one.

I’m sick of people like you.
You think you can walk in here with your overheard conversations,
your Instagram captions,
slices of life,
arrange them in verses
and then call yourself a poet?

With that beard?
With that accent?

Lazy choice of words, no metaphors,
just some vague political undertones…
I'll need to see your license and registration.
License, yes. And registration.

You have the right to remain silent.

We don’t tolerate your kind around here.