How to have fun

A Love Poem

Dayton O'Donnell
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2 min readApr 8, 2020


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There’s only one way to have fun.
You’ll need to get a dinosaur.
That’s definitely step one.

Hop on it and take a ride
off to an exotic land.
If you see monsters, hide.

Then make a daring escape.
Yes, make your way to a boat
and hide inside a crate.

Live the life of a stowaway
until someone finds you
and then say the word, “parley”.

Make the captain laugh
so he puts you on his crew
then gives you half of a treasure map.

The other half, it’s been foretold
is in a nest of giant birds
whose eggs are far too big to hold.

Climb a mountain to get to its nest
and when you see the missing piece,
reach for it, in hope to find what’s next.

A bird will grab you and carry you off
high above the ocean, where a —

“What’re you doing?” She asks me with a tired voice.

“Nothing, sorry I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Are you writing something over there?”

“Yeah, just a little poem.”

She giggles. “I love your poems. You can finish up, I don’t mind.”

I feel her smile on my back. While she starts to doze back to sleep, I set my phone down for the night. Snuggling in, I say, “It’s not important.”

She kisses my back until it tickles, then smushes her face into me. Her breath, a metronome, ticks me back to sleep. Just before I doze away myself, I smile and whisper, “Who has more fun?”

“Nobody,” she whispers back.

Then we fall asleep.

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