I Wonder

A letter to my daughter ~

Photo credit A. Granheim/Venice Beach/2016

I wonder what you look like. 
I wonder if you have my blonde hair and his dark eyes.
Those beautiful dark coffee colored Ojibwe eyes. 
I wonder if you laugh like me, draw like we both did, art was our religion.
I hope that it is yours as well.
I hope that you were smart enough to know that God is not really a man in the sky, I hope you are independent, educated, stand up for yourself and know exactly what to do to get by.

I hope that you do not support Trump.
I hope that this world treats you as if you are a princess in it.
I hope that you do good for others, volunteer, share your passions and creative heart.

I wonder if you know how much I love you and loved you when I let you go. 
I wonder if you still have Icy Bear or the quilt I sent with you from Grandma Irene. 
She was a beautiful strong woman.
 I hope you have her DNA strong through your soul, 
because that is the DNA of a fighter, a warrior, the same genetic makeup that runs through my veins.

I wonder what you have become, what you do, who you love.
Maybe you have children by now, maybe not. 
Whatever it is and wherever you are, I did the best I could for you at the time.
You were meant to be born, you were meant for this world, you were just not meant to be mine.

I hope that you know how much I love you and I will never forget that smile.
You changed my world,
You made it better,
Even if you were only mine for a little while.