In Full Light She Asks Every Lover To Read Her Skin Differently

“Kiss, or bite every word here.
 I like pain. I’ve no regrets”

Lip lover’s tongue recites “Where the Wild Things Are”
italic roman sentence that begins at her bitten bottom

rose scented lip
 curves under her jaw, snakes 
 down her neck, between her breasts,
 over her stomach until it reaches
 three dots before her vulva,
 and inhales her summer fruit.

Sole lover whispers a gothic lettered “Alice In Wonderland”
 sentence that begins under right foot’s third toe flourishes over her instep, 
 around her ankle, under her knee
 and up the lily aroma of her thigh, 
 trips lightly
 over small apple of her back,
 and, against strict instruction
 paraphrases, cuts and pastes frenziedly down her other
 leg a kiss on each of her painted toes.

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