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J.D. Harms
Sep 19 · 2 min read
Photo by Jake Davies on Unsplash

Up into the flesh
a balloon rips through the air
pain explodes
stands for a moment like

a pretty girl at a lemonade stand
dumping out her wares & grinning

the concrete rises into the steam
of afternoon
the coming of the deities
the coming
of all shiftlessness

bares its back
begins to lift
crack by crack…crack by crack
at three in the morning

I am awake like I heard a phone call
& pure distance reaches into me
demanding sacrifice right then

medicines go in & out & in
& there is a whole library for me
there are tiny steps taken
there are lists carved carefully into wood to
examine permanence

before immersing in
holy water to record
a sink or a float

there are enemies
made to test the bounds of peace
after the war has begun
no notions are so bright
that we can fail to miss them

they just launch like boats at night
with all the stars opening a field before us
they ripple gently
& bring the infinite

multiplied by stretch of black lake
to form a gasp awaiting trial
the freshness of the air smacking our faces
assists us in giving up

our lit sticks of imagination
talent wastes away
in the absence of flame &
lets go of pain just before

receiving prescription #41.
I don’t have to like this
but the chase towards connection
brings you the you
that I found in the mirror.

© J.D. Harms 2019

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J.D. Harms

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committed to the aesthetic voice, forever charmed by the endurance of myth, aiming for synthesis

Literally Literary

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