Interpreting the Maladies

after Jhumpa Lahiri’s Pulitzer Prized fiction of 2000, ‘interpreter of maladies’.


A tour guide will accompany you from here on
humming tuneless tones, heard
over the heavy pour, drenching you both.
Talk of an unborn child,
a due marriage falling apart
and confessions exchanged in the AM.
Of an inter-racial adultery, farfetched,
just as it is of a nervous immigrant learning to drive,
to drive is to survive for her.
A part of a schedule is someone’s life.
He lives in past, my Prince,
a grotesque past, and acts likewise.
You know when Twinkle moved in
she found a collection of Christian paraphernalia in that blessed house.
A hysteric Bibi was treated of her fits when she was raped off;
she was mentally challenged,
but now she raises her son on her own.
Not America! Moon will be the final continent. 1969.
Diseased. Diseased with scintillating prose.