Life — A Musical


Do you remember the last time you heard a song on loop?
Like for at least fifty times in a row?
The way it made you feel, the way you kept your cool,
Pressed rewind effortlessly?

Life is the same, the very same,
How we hold on to things and people,
How we bear our anxieties & fears,
Shapes our journey, the lyrics of our lives…

We write and live stories we can’t imagine,
Yet we are insatiable,
We are ungrateful for all we have got,
While a lot more than us want what we don’t value…

Enjoy the tunes, live the skies you are gifted with,
Write your own story, make your own character,
Time is not less, life is not as short as people keep saying,
You have got time, a lot of time to make, make what you are…

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