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Source: Sarah Thomas

like this.

I know now why queens want to eat a whole heart.

Stick their fingers in deep and let

Red roll down their chins and fingertips.

I want you close enough that I have to sweat you out later.

Because you’re a room with no walls,

Safely underneath you with no end in sight

But sighs

Small delights

Hands and eyes

And I swore this would be the last time

I would come apart like this.

Like this

Like this with six s’s because when you undress us it sizzles a bit

And who knew being singed could be so

Charming and coal crisp

Because even just wisps of you

Can last for days on end.

And I don’t know quite when

It became like this

I don’t miss the me before this particular existence

I’ll have to insist on having just a little more of you darling

before you leave.

Lay a little while longer

So that you’ll linger long after

the sooty smell of quickly snuffed out candles

and reality skitters in across the wood floors

we could linger like this

a little longer.



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