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Letter sent on Feb 28, 2017

Literally Published… from February 20th — 26th, 2017 (Part 3)

Dear Readers,

Only one day behind now! :)

First some News:

  • Our newest co-editor, TeriJo, has been called away for a bit, but she will be back soon!
  • Please note in our updated Submission Guidelines and General Policies, that we will only be accepting drafts from now on. If you have an already published piece, the link above offers some ideas. We will continue publishing non-drafts that were submitted prior to this change.
  • To restate from those same Submission Guidelines:

The first tag has to correlate with the correct navigation tab (currently Poetry, Prose, or Memoir).

One of the tags needs to be Literally Literary, the rest are whatever you want.

Each post must have an image to follow the layout on the main pages if possible. These should be credited to the photographer or open domain.

As always, if any of this conflicts with your style then please contact us and we’ll see what can be arranged.

  • Please remember that this is a Literary publication. As such, most politically oriented pieces do not fit. Think of this as a story and poetry publication. That leaves a fairly open interpretation while also indicating the obvious ill fits for LL. If it’s a story, it will definitely be considered, whether fiction or non-fiction. Memoirs are a great example of non-fiction stories. “An Analysis of Trumpageddon” is probably not (though A day with Trump might be, as long as it’s a memoir and not an opinion piece).

The Editors reserve the right to make exceptions to any of these rules at our discretion

And now, your stories recently published at Literally Literary!

Heath Houston
Co-Editor @ Literally Literary




To Thwart Poseidon

by TeriJo


Song — Look At That Architecture

by Nidhi Gupta



by Tommy Paley


External Affairs — Part Five

by Richard Capogrosso


Creamy Lace Pattern

by Nidhi Gupta



by Wanda Lysinska


Existential Avalanche

by Mike Essig


Disconnect-fully Connected

by Varun Chopra


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