Lost in the Oceans

Original artwork by Panagiotis Leontaris — Million thanks :)

He says I look like the sea in his eyes.
He says I’m too dark and too deep for him to make it swimming
but he’s got no choice.
When he’s on top of me he looks scared, he breathes hard, his pulse quickens,
he stares into my eyes, palms holding my head tight –
he doesn’t want to let go.
It kills me, he says, you can vanish like a wave in your ocean after the wind stops.
I know, I say, but let me take you along — be a part of me.
And so he stays.
So I look at him calming, his muscles relaxing, his eyes peaceful
My breath stops for a moment.
There’s so much he still doesn’t know — I feel he never will.
For every beautiful moment we’ve ever shared
For every wish we’ve ever whispered
For every dream that never came true
I always leave a cry for love.
He hides his face in my neck he so selfishly possesses
I hold him tight and kiss his forehead
A moment before the last goodbye is said
I beg my feet to take me from the horrible words — 
And they do.
Invisible wings free me from the running torture onto a placid ocean
I feel an air of freedom and the relief of the fall
Like a fallen angel who returns to heaven, I’m happy
Because he kissed my forehead and left a cry for love.

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