Love Isn’t Enough

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Twenty seconds is all it took to erase eternity.

I took 15 seconds to stare into the legal text and the dotted lines — in those 15 seconds the rush of sensations from those 10 years enveloped me; the inexperienced first kiss after school, the warmth from the space heater in our bare first apartment, the heat our intimacy created, her hand trembling when I slipped her ring on, the creaking from the swing in front of our first house, and the feeling of accomplishment the day we built the baby crib together — the one we’ll never get to use again.

I slowly pushed the papers back over to her and hoped that in those few stolen seconds, she could realize that we were stronger together than apart.

Five seconds was all she needed to realize that eternity wasn’t enough to fill that vacant piece of her.