Magic of window pane

Horrors of your past,
Merges with flickering lights,
Of hope and grace..
Casting a dark shadow,
Mocking a future..
An uncertain one.

The storms threatens darkness,
Engulfing dim rays,
Of a dying sun..
As demons of transparent sheet,
rise from the hailing darkness,
Sucking empty souls,
Leaving only darkness behind.

Transparent demons of glass,
Cast profound spells,
Controlling thoughts..
Dissolving minds
In undiluted potion
of hopelessness...

Dark magic lies,
In window panes,
Of moving cars and moving trains...

Dark magic flows,
In uncertainties
Spilling from our hearts..
To be diluted in the hidden chaos,
Casted by selfishness
Etched deep even in our unborn..

Rain drops bring back horrors,
A well calculated timing,
As cars and people zoom past,
driving you slowly, 
Into serenity...
The innermost depth of your heart.

The magic of window panes..
Is dark and solemn..
like echoes of requiems
in a long stormy night.

The storm threatens fire now,
Tears demon are fully risen,
As all hopes gradually ebb away..