Moon Spell Magick

Tarrant Smith
Jul 28, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Samson Creative. on Unsplash

I go to meet a lover tonight under the slivered light of a waxing moon. Will that lover be you? Will you lay with me on the wet grass of spring when all things are new, and beginnings sprout and bloom with an abandonment that echoes our own. Will you proclaim me to be your forever midnight queen and gift me the stars above for my crown?

And when the moon grows full, will you walk with me under its bright light? Will you savor the taste of your midnight queen then — when we are our own gods and our power spills from us with all the fury of a thunderstorm? In the fullness of summer when my body is stretched and glows with creation, will you stay to protect and hold us close as the day’s heat gives way to cricket song and moonflowers?

When the air chills and the leaves begin to fall, will I turn and find you standing there under the light of a waning moon? When the shadows have grown long and the days short, will you still meet your midnight queen in the changing wood to brush my lips with your kisses? Will you remain beside me long after our bodies have become like scarred and rooted trees under the dying ember of a gentler moon?

And when the moon is hidden, will you follow your midnight queen to the cold lands that lay beyond? Will you walk with me there, your fingers laced with mine so that I do not lose my way in that new unknown? Will you come with me to replace the stars you borrowed for my crown — so that we might take up our place as entwined souls shining against a dark sky?

I go to meet a lover tonight — say that lover will be you.

Literally Literary

Tarrant Smith

Written by

Kitchen Witch, Wife, Mother, and Indie Author of two paranormal romance series.

Literally Literary

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