My Grief And I

We are tight like that ~

I have lived with this grief for almost a year now,
November 13 if we want to be exact about how long we have been friends.
I accepted this grief as my own when you died,
No one else wanted it as much as I did, I guess.
Now it sticks around like a lost puppy who needs to be fed,
it consumes some of my days and visits me in my dreams at night.
I don’t know where to leave it, how to let it go.
If I let it go, does that mean that I let you go as well?
Do I forget you once I choose happiness again?
Do I have a responsibility to carry this grief around.
I wish I had the answers. 
I wish I didn’t miss you.
Grief and I will be sitting here waiting for your memory to give us a reason to keep trying to be sad. 
If you need me, you know where to find me. 
I will be by the ocean, just me and my grief over you.