My Robot is Amazing…

Really. He is.

Yes, it’s a he.
Looks just like me.

The smile is better.
Not as forced,
not as shy,
not as nervous,

I programmed him
to be witty
and charming.

My technology is amazing.

He’ll smile and make you laugh,
but he’ll never get too close.
He’s just a robot — 
there are limits.

I haven’t figured out
how to make him sing.
I still have to do that myself,
safe and sound
inside my box.

He sometimes goes to the market.
The crowds bother me,
but he doesn’t seem to mind.

He’s got more friends than I do,
and his feelings don’t get hurt
when those friends do awful things.
He’s just a robot,

and, besides,
they’re not my friends.
I’m safe and sound
inside my box.

My robot looks like me.
My robot talks like me.
My robot walks like me.

My robot is not me.

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