Naked Girls

Fresh from the tub they fly into the bedroom and tumble, twisted, onto the bed
Screaming, squirming, hugging, giggling
tickle us, tickle us
damp curls, fresh, smooth babies’ skin glisten awaiting the Eucerin ritual
of soothing chapped hands, faces, lips,
from too much lip licking in the cold or
playing in the running water.

Where are my naked girls?

We’re here, we’re here Mommy, come and get us! giggling, hugging, screaming
little girls; my favorite evening game

Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum

peals of laughter erupt from the quivering mound of baby bodies under the sheets,
undulating little arms, legs frenzied in the attempt to be free from the monster.

Read us the story of the moon going to sleep
Only once though
OK, can I point to the pictures?
Good night Moon, Good night room. . .

Little girls, they have grown so fast
Good night Mom, I love you, 
You’re my best friend, wait, I forgot to kiss you.

Wait Mom, can I have a drink of water?

Mom! Up! Me!

Good night little ones, sleep tight. . .
It can never end because I can’t let it,
Smiling down at the naked girls so sweet the sisters sleep arm in arm.

Kathleen Clarke Anderson