I slid my finger between the hem of your black tights and the skin inside your thigh. That got a smile and a hum of approval. Your scent gets me high.

Leg bent in graceful reply begged my eye to run it’s length to your still-tied shoes. I released the ribbons, now untwined, as your hand coyly pressed your skirt to cover the hidden space of unglimpsed lace.

I only needed a taste, pressing my lips just above the hem as you made enticingly pleased sounds. Lowering sussies, I marked the now uncovered skin with a trail of kisses rendering legs bare and blushed from the touch, one faint lip print mid-thigh, a transferred remnant of earlier kisses.

Smiling at your quickened breaths, I reversed my path to lift the guarding hand and dress your lovely fingers in kissed appreciation. I stalled my lips return to yours, placing mine against your skirt, where your shy hand once lay, and pressed the fabric into soft sweet you. Your legs closed around me in a lover’s embrace as your hips pushed against me with a shiver. Your small gasp brought a flushed heat to my skin.

Now that I had your attention…

Lifting your leg, unable to resist my mouth’s momentary brush once more against petal-soft skin, I slid next to you, dreamy eyes inviting me, the buttons on your white blouse already loose. My finger drew a lazy line from the top of your skirt across your belly, feeling the aroused waves of tension my touch produced, circling your navel, then across your ribs, rising with an ardent arch of your back, tracing the black laced edge of your bra. You moved to release it, but I took your hand and kissed the palm. I met your eyes and whispered slow…

I was held for a moment by your eyes, fiery fevered, almost glowing with desire, my heart racing at how darkly beautiful you are. That black cherry lipstick was going to be all over me.

Impatient, you filled both fists with my shirt, almost growling, and pulled me down to you in a voracious kiss. I did not resist.