Photo Credit — my own

Occupied spaces
entropy of wishes filled
to brimming

Achings of heart
rat-a-tat insisting
I’m still here

Go away, I tell it
ageless, endless argument
wrapped up stones

Christened with chalk of past
letters of a former me
I keep tossing down there

Those shaky drafts
the beast gnaws on despair a bit
casting out those nasty chunks

Filtered toxins don’t belong
the pixie turns hope to paper
cutting strings of dollies

That flutter away haplessly
castaways of the day
in infinite hands held

How have I grown to be
this cavernous?
I placed the blockades

Followed instructions to the letter
but you never told me which one
or more likely, I misplaced

The rest of the alphabet
looking for what was
long since buried

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