People of A Certain Age

Inspired by responses from Jack Herlocker and Craig Heath 
to my post below and in gratitude of Jim Reeves, the Medium Muse, who is always encouraging and appreciative of my work.

Credit: Dennett

With great pride, I am
A person of a certain age,
An age that is more than middle
And closer to sunset
Than sunrise.

We people of a certain age
Know that cuddling is often
Better than shagging,
And don’t care if that term
Is out-dated.
We know that comfortable is
Better than elegant,
And flexible is better
Than bullheaded,
That being outspoken
Is better than silent,
And value honesty over

We people of a certain age
Like slow and easy
Rather than rushed and hard,
We want to stay a while,
Enjoy the moment.
We don’t have 
Six-pack abs or buns of steel — 
Are often jiggly, silvery,
And squishy soft,
But we laugh heartily and
Cry mightily,
And know the meaning of love,
The value of friendship.

We people of a certain age,
Count the days
Not the years,
Realizing tomorrow is 
Not a certainty.
We know things — important things
That can’t be taught
But still we guide, inform,
And mentor.
We no longer worship youth
But treasure the young;
We travel less but
See more.

We people of a certain age
Fight to stay young until
One day we can’t — 
Then we embrace
Being people of a certain age.

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