Today, I sweep my outreached hands up over my head and stand tall, mountain pose. I feel an infinite abundance for myself and for this world. The ocean breeze sweeps over my body, carrying hope and clarity to all. The warm sun that I witnessed rise earlier today off the horizon, catches my face in between the shade of the moving palm leaves. I am comforted.

My yoga sage Jackie Reeves and I have aligned this week. She has helped me to heal as I have tried to make sense of this political wedge I see and feel lately. She has facilitated me continuing on my journey to put the pieces together and understand what is happening, and I can talk to her, safely, without judgement, and know she understands and gets it, just as much as me.

I had thought that as much as I hated the outcome last November 2016 in the USA, that maybe we had to hit rock bottom, for things to change. I have cried over and over, real tears, and I have cried over and over in my heart daily, for my children and the world to live this nightmare.

Jackie had thought that this all was supposed to happen, for if it did not go the direction it did, the opposers would have started anarchy in the streets, blood and knives would have destructed. This was our wake up call. This was our world being shaken.

Yes I thought. She is right. Everything happens as it’s supposed to. There are no accidents.

Our collective consciousness has had our stomachs in knots from that horrible night last November. It continued to get much for worse for me on January 20th, 2017, and the weeks that followed. I’ve felt a swelling, have you felt it too? Stirring within us? Picture a tornado, that spawns from our core rising and going outward. It’s happening. Oppression is opportunity for resistance, and persistence, and sisterhood. And this is where we are.

My last 36 hours have been about acceptance, about so very many things. When on a body/mind cleanse solo retreat, layers are peeled, the core is exposed, rawness is where you will find me. I’ve moved from sadness and grief to letting go to vulnerability to grounded to strength and fearlessness and fierceness. Dots are connecting. Ideas are being birthed. Confirmations of thoughts. Affirmations of reassurance of myself come. Answers are percolating.

And today, as I swept in to take a warrior two stance, the vision struck me. No need to cry for my girls anymore, no need to feel so damn sad they have to witness the horrible nightmare we move through right now. Because, my girls are going to be part of the most glorious movement in history, as we say “NOT THIS!” and we beautifully throw our hearts over the world like a big blanket, and achieve a blossoming uprising as we shepherd love everywhere.

As I came back up to mountain pose, I was moved by the beauty of the vision, and felt excited, because I know its true!

And here is the thing, it’s not just about Trump, it’s about so much more then that.

My life.

My decisions. My growth. My courage to come away by myself for an aggressive taper body and mind cleanse. My letting go. My battles gone. My stripping down to my core figuratively and literally. My own overhaul of things that I chose to say NOT THIS! to anymore. My openness to receive. My movement into acceptance that things will unfold and answers are percolating. I am ready. The abundance of infinity is stirring and swelling, get ready people! I am loud. I am, a grounded Fierce Force 💃.

After my final yoga practice of my 8 day solo retreat, Jackie read me the following poem. She chose this for me this morning before she came to me, her inner goddess must have known how our class was going to unfold, for the words she read from her strong grounded angelic voice were so on point and resonated with me completely. That in itself led to goosebumps. I’m strapping on, a lot of goosebumps to come!

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