Punctuated out of Love

Source: 1843magazine.com

What started as a question mark
will I remain unanswered?
a to be continued
that comes with an ellipsis
an omission of sorts…
from you and yours
led to too many of them
questions that is
how, what, when, where, why…?
lying in a row
commas in a coma
that never got a listening ear
the TBC became an FYI
which lead to an exclamation mark
well, many of them!!!!!
quotation marks followed
you said this, you did that
from lower case to capitals
these were accompanied with 2 or more sentiments 
mostly the FU and FO predicaments
expelled of expletives
finally there was a colon of time
then and now
things explained in and out of brackets
(in between lines)
hoping for a breakthrough — 
a final dash to reconcile
but it served short
got lost in a hyphen
until this time
the pause was slightly longer
a semi colon numbed banter
unfortunately thereafter;
all that was left was a period.
A full stop.
The end of yet another chapter.

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