Shadow by Pexels


I blow the candle and get to bed,

Pull the quilt over my shoulders,

Slowly settle into the warmth,

When I see her by the window.

She has long unkempt hair ,

Wears the same old white gown.

I see her most days ,

Hugging her knees, on my shelf.

Slim around the waist ,

Her limbs, frail and tired ,

Her eyes are pale and sunken ,

She sings a lonely song .

She sits there watching me,

Her shallow humming lulls me to sleep.

Most people don’t see her ,

But I am accustomed to her presence.

Sometimes she follows me , quietly

Not too far behind.

Our shadows never meet,

Because she, has none.

They tell me, to see somebody

To, send her to where she belongs

Where do I send her ?

I created her in my mind .