I was walking , lost in the night.

Till the moon came up with a glorious light.

Finally, I could see the path I was on

And Find my way home.

I said “Thank you , O Celestial Wonder

And The moon said You’re welcome,

As I exclaimed “Oh! You make the dark sky surrender -

To your light, How come”?

I wish to glow like you , I said

So I can see the path ahead.

For without you here, all is dark.

And I have no light , not even a spark.

The moon smiled and said, “I have a confession,

My light comes from somewhere else, I am just a reflection.

For my light comes from a massive star,

That took years to form so it could reach this far”

But don’t worry, little star, a time will come,

When you shall reach so high.

And everyone shall know that dawn has come,

As You ignite the sky.