So She Fell

soysuperfer — Pixabay

The emboldened wings of the femme fatale spread wide as she set herself up for a fall

Landing not on the soles of her feet

But rather the soul without which she would not have existed

As if having fallen would have proven to her that her existence was needed

That her life was not meaningless

So she fell…

Taking a leap of faith into the well of destiny

But the ground caught up to her

And the sky bled a crimson fire of passion

The cries of which I still hear to this day

So she fell…

The rooftops wailed as she plummeted into the abyss of ‘finding herself’

The stars in the sky flickered with light, and with every inch that she lost of air

They died.

As if they were the lights tied to her soul

So she fell…

and didn’t have the strength to get up again…

So she fell…

into the nothing her mind no longer accepted

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