A response to a response from TeriJo

Credit: Marco Krenn on Unsplash

Steel — the rod that keeps my back straight 
When I am worn and weary. 
Steel — the strength that gives me a mile
When an inch seems too far. 
Steel — the waking up when restful hours 
Were too few and oft interrupted.
Steel — the duller of pain when the aches
Are webbed on my bones and sewn in my joints.

Steel that forms pillows on my body 
To cradle a child’s fevered head,
Steel that lengthens my arms 
To envelope all who need hugging,
Steel that adds hours to a day 
That should already be done,
Steel that turns my brain into a capturer of
Dates, dreams and destinies.

Steel — the hardness that makes me soft.

TeriJo’s Steel:

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