Take me North

Lauri Blank

Point me to the North,
I hear it’s special there.

I long for the prize
North Stars Northern Lights 
North Pole, glittering stardom
snow is optional,
sand and comforting tropical waters
so pristine they remain untouched by cooling
and heat of mankind,

wayside coconut stands 
no more trouble, Sangria.

Point me North,
it sounds softer, easier on the tongue
than South, East, or fork in the road
take me North
pools of reflection yet no need for pondering,
only peace and gratitude 
guiding lights of angels and love 

No words of advice,
no confusion neither grief,
I hear only silent minds are allowed
full hearts joviality and sun
warming the cold bones
of the down trodden.

North needs nothing for completion,
neither do you,
it is safety such as children’s blankets
fear does not exist fearsome
burdens neither,

comfort zones for the weary
and broken hearts
respite for altering egos

take me to the North
where my weary mind can finally rest
from sabotage and frailty.