Tangled Up In a Moment of Tangency

For and with thanks to Tamyka

What if you and her were tangled up in each other, in two very different ways…coupled for life and yet uncoupled…or…not just coupled but partnered…existing for the sake of it…or…living life to the fullest…what if…

Tangled and Torn


Lost in the fog of your mad delusions
All tangled up in the prickly brambles
Of the hurt and pain and scars you bear
The pain that you throw back at her
Every day, every minute, demanding 
That her existence, her life be sacrificed
To help heal you, to keep you sane
But still she stays, in step with you for
Strangling vines of love pin her down 
And roots of memory shackle her arms
Her love amplified by a society that expects 
Nothing less than her life for her man
She toils uncomplainingly while
Lifeblood drips from uncounted wounds
From thorns that grow back as she prunes 
Until the day she takes that final breath

Blissfully Tangled


Lost in the fog of an encompassing love
All tangled up limbs and hearts and souls
Of the hope and desire and love you bear
The love that you throw back at her
Every day, every minute, bound so tight
That her life and yours are a single entity
To enjoy, to rejoice in heavenly melding 
And so she stays, in step with you for
Unbreakable muscles of love power her body
And roots of memory form her backbone 
Her love amplified by you — who expects 
Nothing but for her to be her, wholly her — 
She and you walk, hand in hand while
Life springs forth in every fecund step
From joy and trust and true contentment 
Until the day one of you takes that final breath