The Baptism

Moshe Forman
May 28 · 2 min read

Reflections sparkling against black shadows.
At peace, the depths, drifting away into his being.
A mother’s calming presence.

The water’s embrace, extinguishing all pain,
weightless, drifting, suspended in a dream.
Beckoned to another place.
Approaching consciousness.

The Voice: “Go there! You are safe.
The current will carry you to where you must go.”

The beasts of the water caressing his body.
A comforting softness, the terror of the depths.

The Voice: “Expunge the monsters that torment you!
Catch them one by one, the wellsprings of your agony,
then send them away, so they trouble you no more.”

A crushing rage festering within, gnawing away at his life’s vigour,
love for nothing but his own power, subjugating all before his obsession to dethrone a King, any King, himself.

Hoping only for the recompense of a mother’s love, bitter towards every creature of untainted birth.

A monstrosity arose before him, casting black shadows,
thrashing tail and swaying neck, entwined in his arms,
becoming soft fur, caressing his skin and warming his body.
Then a legless beast wrapping, crushing, pulling him down into the depths.

The Voice: “It is your envy. Cast it out!

He broke the grip. It was now a winged beast, flapping; it flew to the heavens.

“But, will I not need my jealousy? Cannot envy alert us to injustice? Does it not lead us from wrong to right?”

The Voice: “Jealousy, as all in creation, can be many things!”

He floated, tranquil.

“Mother, I’ve just had a dream, or was it real?”

The Voice: “It is your inner self. You will be summoned again.”

Literally Literary

Moshe Forman

Written by

When I’m not a poet, novelist, or writer of short stories, I’m a writer of creative non-fiction exploring Self, Food, Society and History.

Literally Literary

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