The Brick Monkey

The most serious of verses are what people laugh at
Or maybe they scream and cry
To stare at the ground otherwise
A passage into another plane of existence
Makes a writer dwell
Where the end is a colorless and empty city
Built by words
Something in that is funny by nature to some
Something is sad or scary to others

I grabbed my legs to walk
For the strength in them had taken a life in my mind to get me there
The middle of the night just offers glimpses of what I think is light
Only flowers can help me rise
And a heavy walk takes all that is in me to move a step more
The slowest metronome would move with more grace
Through the woods in the darkness
My jaw is grinding my teeth as each step is the hardest one I have ever given to my life
Until a brick wall springs as I fall and lean into it
On my knees everything is red
And the only light in this moments is far to my eye
And close in my hand that lights with a lighter that burned my last cigarette
But with no light and no strength I have to go on
My hands are red from the brick
Until a threshold opens before me
A woman is looking at something
And a door is next to her
The door is mine to open
Until I see a brick monkey that shouts at me
Shall I go in?