The Literally Literary Weekly Update #4

Jonathan Greene
Jan 15 · 2 min read
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Welcome to your weekly update with some of the top stories since our last update at Literally Literary. But first, some information:

  • We have hit the pause button on our Twitter for the time being. In order to focus on the best turnaround time and editing for your stories and poems, we are focusing our energy behind the scenes.
  • If you have not really read the Updated Submission Guidelines and General Policies, please do so. It now has several tips for formatting issues that we continue to see every day.

And now, for some top works since the last update (all friend links):

Curated by Medium*

The Story Your Body Tells by Jayne Stevenson (Poetry) — also in Most Read (57)

Mathematics by Greg Frankson (Poetry)

Baby Teeth by Lauren Elise (Fiction)

A Siren’s Song by Delta B. McKenzie (Fiction) — also the Most Read story (154)

*Medium has been very behind on curation. So there may be more in this batch that get curated after this letter goes out.

Highest Read Ratios (19 views minimum)

bitter served cold by Darryl Willis (100%)

Grazed by J.D. Harms (95%)

These Lines by Famke Halma (88%)

Sutures by J.D. Harms (86%)

One Last Note

We have 27,551 followers at Literally Literary. We have approximately 200 writers. Even with these tremendous numbers, most of the submitted works get less than 20 views. Why? Algorithms.

How do we combat this and support each other? Bookmark our homepage and once a day, come here and see what you missed. The only way we can be the kind of community we all want to be is to support each others’ works by reading them.

Our homepage has a Top 25–30 that is updated every single day with new works published in the last month. Below that, you will find our trending works and then the latest ones that you may have missed. Be a participant and read works from amazing writers that maybe you don’t follow yet, but might want to.


Our Writing Prompt crossover with The Writing Cooperative is closed. All submissions were due by December 25th. Check out the prizes and full information on the prompt here. The submissions were fantastic. We will be putting our heads together to choose the winners soon.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

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