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The Road Anticipates The Sea

Free Verse

credit: jp fosterson

the road anticipates the sea
climbing the dune
to make a new horizon with the sky

you approach
anticipate as well
cresting the dune
falling gently to the sand

shade tents and chairs
in every color
the lifeguard stand

a laughing boy in sand-smeared sun shirt sprints
and turns a flip
then returns
and squats
and digs

a straight-backed teen
glides on a skimboard in the shallows
white bikini
brown skin
glistening like the sea itself
flips wet ropes of hair
and turns
making sure that he was watching

tired parents seem to rest
a moment
in the sun
one eye always
on the kids

the parents’ parents rest
for real
and smile because they know
the kids are alright

the grizzled
his rods
and waits

tankers slide
toward the pass
the bay
the harbor
silent colossi
bellies aching for oil

you crest the dune
and behold the dream entire

behind it all
the sea climbs
to make a new horizon with the sky




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