The Witches are Gathering

An Invitation

Tarrant Smith
Jul 31, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Do you hear the earth’s heartbeat beneath the soil?
She beckons to us tonight.
Come learn from those who have walked before —
the path is hidden,
yet worn by our callused feet.
There is nothing in these wood to fear.
No devils — only wolves, and they are our kin.

Dare to howl with us.

Can you taste the seasons upon your lips?
Spring strawberries give way to summer honey,
Autumn’s pumpkin to winter’s mulled wine — 
Does it linger on your tongue as it does on ours?
And do your eyes mark the ever-changing light?
Round and round the wheel turns
and nature is colored under its relentless spinning.

Silence is what we keep.

By full moon’s light we cast the circle;
Sage, rosemary, and petals ground to dust.
Come and we will whisper secrets in perfect love
as lavender is laid beneath your dreaming pillow.
Drink a healing brew of ginger, honey, and nutmeg
while we burn a shield of frankincense and dragon’s blood.
The Craft is but a pool’s reflection of our will.

Can you hear the drum of our dancing feet?
The bonfires are lit and in the grove we unite.
Glimpse the magick inside these woods —
the path is hidden,
yet worn by our callused feet.
We are her guardians — her sons and daughters.
Abandon your fear and take my hand.

Come, the witches are gathering.

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Tarrant Smith

Written by

Kitchen Witch, Wife, Mother, and Indie Author of two paranormal romance series.

Literally Literary

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