A poem

Valentine Nnebe
Sep 17 · 2 min read
(Dmytro Tolokonov on Unsplash)

Quiet and reticent
Calm and comported
Reserved and whatever comes close –
This world has no room you,
a gentleman.

It’s an extrovert’s arena.
Noise and aggression set
the accepted code of conduct.
Talkative and defensive –
the prestigious behaviour.

Society adores the active tongue.
The more it is,
The more it identifies you,
a true chap of the soil.
So let it wag, and louder,
Because here, a gentleman
is seen in mute and feeble capacity.

It’s a world where words
is the traded currency.
You’re known by what you say,
and how often you say.
Silence and solitude are a misfit
to the peaceful soul, so long he treads
those granules below his feet.

A gentleman is loved in dear affection
and trampled in the course.
He wins rare kisses with many brutal bites.
His values are strange,
And his nature is more.
Either he talks his way out of his shell
Or be crushed quiet in it.

Activity and clamour,
define the gold standard.
Bully and verbal aggression,
the unglamorous convention.

We’ve swept clean
the footprints of nobility
that no more should
we trace the origins of elegance.
For this atmosphere,
finds weird, the presence of the refined man.

Literally Literary

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Valentine Nnebe

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✫Computer Scientist by the paper ✫Avid Literature lover ✫Aspiring Writer ✫Word enthusiast ✫Home grown Nigerian. I join letters to words and statements for fun.

Literally Literary

We've Got a Story for You

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