These Things Fall Away

A Poem of Hope

Sydney Duke Richey
Literally Literary
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2 min readAug 3, 2023


Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

I’ve been painted
with layer upon layer
upon layer
of strife and anger

deep, dark shades of
resentment and loathing
all sealed under a thick coat
of jealousy

overlapping sheets
of conflict cover my eyes
my ears, my mouth

keeping hope imprisoned
under a veneer so thick
so hard and so tough
it’s become an armor

my armor

but this morning as dawn breaks
I wake and feel
my armor begin to fracture
curling and cracking
like shards of glass

sitting still, I ponder
as these things fall away

picking up the colorful pieces
I hold each fragment
up to the light
and whisper

“You are beautiful.”



Sydney Duke Richey
Literally Literary

Writing from the heart, I’m inspired by everyday experiences. My poems, haiku and non-fiction come from a slice of my life. *Top Writer in Poetry*