by Sarah Leckie

Thinking of You

While you’re thinking of me,
I’m thinking of you.
I want your eyes on me.
I want your hands to follow.

I want the smell of your hair
across my face,
the sound of your breath
in my ear,
the urgent press of your lips
branded on my skin.

When I kiss you
I want you to feel
what you’ve been missing,
see the look in your eyes
when you realize
you’ve never really been kissed,
not like this.

I want to taste you,
fill your breast with sighs.
I want to feel you tremble,
from your chin to your thighs.
I want to feel the real you
unleashed you
dangerous you
against the untamed me,
unwrap our mysteries.

I want you to look in my eyes,
see the fire and know what I see
when I’m thinking of you
thinking of me,
this is what you do to me.


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