This Broken Heart

A. Granheim Photography 2017 Seattle Space Needle

Take this broken heart and drown it in the rain,
Take every last piece of it and relieve me from this pain.
Almost three years gone by,
Nothing has changed,
Nothing is better,
I miss you almost as much as I miss the L.A. weather.

Take this broken heart and throw it to the ocean,
Give it to the sharks to devour,
I think I loved you,
I thought you loved me too,
I thought we had a solid friendship,
What a silly notion.
I should have known this would go sour.
I should have always known better.
You change your mind with every tide of the ocean.

You are like a drug to me,
My own personal heroin.
You keep putting the needle in me,
Everytime I see your Instagram.
Block me,
Make that shit private,
Stop flaunting it in my face,
Why do I keep looking, anyways.
I did this to myself,
But you started it.

Take this broken heart and try to repair it,
I don’t think you can,
Dirty laundry, I would never air it. 
I would never spill your secrets,
I would never tell your lies,
Yet the only words you say to me,
are in the form of silent goodbyes.

I could have fallen in love with someone lesser than you,
I could have been smarter,
I could have saved myself from this beautiful disaster.
But here I am,
Broken heart in hand,
Waiting for you to tell me you still care.
Here I am,
There you are,
You with her,
Me with him,
Neither of us really there.
You are always on my mind.
And I must be on yours,
She is just like me,
You must love the scars.

Take this broken heart,
Drown it in Boston,
Escape to New York,
It doesn’t matter what you do with it now,
Whatever you decide,
I will be waiting here. 
Whatever your choice,
I will stand here with this broken heart,
It’s yours.