I don’t fight

This too is Democracy~

and then we go home


Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

I don’t write
because of limited vocabulary
I don’t fight
because of my limited skills
and when the world has turned on you
and do you wrong
you glance at me and ask
“would you do what’s right?”
I simply respond
I might

I have an endless
daily number of request
I have responsibilities
from north, south
east and west
And when the fire burns
at its hottest
I take the road of caution
I don’t do well with mess

I will always smile
doing the things I must
I will always
be the first to greet you
I’m most visible
after the storm
never comfortable before
all returns to calm

I love to tell the story
of my humble beginnings
though my lineage
now long past the days of
living off the trimmings
I do what I do best
and that is getting you
through the test of
electing me to be
your humble Politician






Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)
Literally Literary

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