And just like that she was done.

Now, now, don’t get me wrong. And just like that was more like- many words, vices, dollars, and wasted days. She was… actually, okay, never mind.

Of course those days were not really wasted because she truly believed that each moment she met herself where she was at, she showed up for herself, and she was always supposed to be exactly where she was. We are, after all, each on our own beautifully unfolding path, no judgement. Love always. Hugging ourselves every minute. Unconditionally.

Okay for a moment let’s just go with fuck all that shall we?

Just like that she was done. She walked down to the tip of the water from the sandy shore at night, naked. We could see the outline of her back, ass, and legs, her goddess-like long hair billowing in the wind over her silhouette, as she walked into the gorgeous clean moon lit ocean of hope and freedom and swam away.

Be Fierce💃