V. Lyutsiferovich

Darryl Willis
Literally Literary
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Jul 10, 2022
Photo by Clayton Malquist on Unsplash

It was in the crimson dawn
when the angel shed his wings;
fell like lightening to the ground
bringing death and mournful song.
Flashing light, binding smoke,
love and peace obscured and lost.
Those awake will never sleep
and those who slept never woke.
Were you a bright and morning star
or a black hole that swallows all?
Your greed subsumes what you survey,
and leaves behind the ravaged earth.
You say you’d rather rule in hell?
You think too highly of yourself.


, July 2022



Darryl Willis
Literally Literary

Has worked in non-profits for 40 years and is currently a Regional Director for an international non-profit. He holds an MA in Biblical text.