Meeting Notes: Desire Is Logic Is Work

It’s complicated to move in German. How personal it gets! That’s the point! Here and gone, my senses. These radical, magical things: people pull it together, gin up some butler in the spring, defend the fall, give them leaves, sage, a buzz. Gather the brag sheet: a nice little ritual. A literary ambulance chaser, Germanic hero, a free lunch. The important data. The offerings. Celebrate your completion; we will have wine!

This very morning, they dropped the hammer. The squashing was unilaterally absolute — eliminate the document. The new rules include crosses, honors, numbers. Slow down! We’ve been creeping, counting. Those numbers are imaginable. Desire is logic is work; transforming this Cold War Monday seems very hard.

He’s so crusty, attractive, dark, populist! Think about gateways sucking people across the universe, moving majors around, conflating and pooling hours. We should be scrupulous: mental health is particularly relevant, it has been a convention.

She hasn’t said boo to me, in German.

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