Meeting Notes: Entirely Oral

In consultation with a guy, we had done something among other glitterati. Bitch, I killed a man last week. This wasn’t advertised. We have roles to play; a pineapple was an allusion to a pumpkin. When would they tell us, when would she know? Someone so perfect, pretty, conservative, she’s around and bound to secrecy. Jesus, the nicest guy, has been the ideal. Retreat, revisit, defend almost totally useless rationalizations.

We need a different flag. I want to bring a mockup, wave it around. Order is important: freaking decisions! Bring chocolate. Three hours before, we show up and eat things and don’t talk about it. What’s making this not work: “If you build it, they will change.” Crazy documents? An inappropriate mode? Make sure people understand Phil, the properly apostrophized nose-picking committee.

Why are we doing this? Let me say what I believe: to really know Frank is a lesson in glibness, an exercise in socialization. A set of possibilities, completely amorphous, when we’re pushing people to an oral component. You’re forced, beloved, to do a lady with great flexibility. It’s entirely oral! I like it.

Think about being examined in a field. It means we know each other more. Throw up, come, cohere. The more we have together, the more we mock things. I was examined by three people, then we had a party. At the end they trimmed the beard, pushed backwards and forwards, hard. Everything’s in your head.

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