Meeting Notes: Synthetic Numbers, Formless Might

We have been asked to produce one-page descriptions of another era. I’m hoping this window will move; I sent the victim money and a bullet. Speak, Vicky!

I’m sorry, I apologize. Some people are not crazy. Figure out how to be outnumbered; live your life in terror in the short term. Chemistry can’t make a model expand. A little alien, a rotating thing: we do have one. Speaking of which! Extra super special piggybacking might make ourselves more solid, our tender-hearted heads.

Slacker English would be the solution: push a button, be more abstract, engaged; begin a conversation about our relationship. Yes, we’re busy, but we may need to loosen. Formless lack could generate community spirit. How many birds we could catch! What an opaque exercise!

Laura floated; centers of gravity alternated at some ungodly hour. It has to come from next Tuesday; the “we” has to be everybody. Methods are taking hold: get rid of periods, let people go away and coalesce. Think about women with adjectives attached to them. (Is that an OK thing to say?) You’re in a different world: synthetic numbers, formless might. Friday afternoons are Tuesday mornings, etc.

A purely mechanical substance is the answer to the question of emotions. We’re so loose and baggy, Harry, and working in the dark! Visionary patterns emerge from nexuses and loci: choose one. Other matters matter, a sense of consensus, what we want, what we want, what we want.

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