Meeting Notes: Work on Torture

Truth and reconciliation are abominable atrocities: the genius attacked the guardian; evil men, genre-defined, test relationships with perpetrators. It’s almost impossible, self-examination; I don’t know how you pronounce it, and do not speak or read Japanese. There are no chapters, Chief! In terms of men’s psyches: put them in a box, safely remove humanity, and work out.

Scattered and abbreviated, primarily bent, my manifesto is making a pretty huge dent against the grain. Portable, mobile structures coexist with a horizontal lawyer, politics, hermeneutics. Incredible Grace says he was wrong: the world is actually debt.

We may well disagree, but my secret source from Syracuse has done work on torture and will be quiet now. The sweet spot is movable; the stigma of polity has been translated into three distinct awards: backward history, feelings, and violence. Injury distinguishes legacies. Seriously! Move, moving, movable; turn desire to refusal. Talk about artifacts, tragic texts. Inveigh!

The human. The human. Thrust them on us; press back. I like animals, cinema, and deconstruction; eating takes the place of ethics. (It was a German phenomenon, and I thought I was invited.) The horizon didn’t follow you. I’m opposed to flashy things, like steel, and love.

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