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When Words and Painting combine- Part 3

A letter to my friend

We were like two midnight madcaps in the eyes of this strict universe

Artwork Credit- Girl In The Woods by Souminibanerjee

When you needed someone to hear you, I was there. I knew we both were broken. For that, I had embraced your grief tightly. I was happy like a selfish person, cause at least someone had found me useful again.

I was elated. You poured your hearts out. Without sharing much, I was healed along the process. Your sorrows were far more intense than mine. I cried more than you hearing how everything went wrong. How everyone left you, treated your good heart like trash. My heart automatically cursed those who wronged my lovely friend.

You told me you were lucky to have a buddy like me. You told me that I was the most non-judgmental person out there. Those who hurt you despite having years-long profound relationships, I was not like them, you told me every freaking time.

Even though we lived in two completely different time zones, we wouldn’t mind sacrificing our sleep for the rest of the night. Can you still recall that night when suddenly you called me to share what was happening all these years? Was it for nine hours? I don’t remember. Do they still take entries for Guinness World Records? I don’t know.

But the last scene of the play was never different. Eventually, you got busy. I told you to take a job and move on. But behind the stage, I was preparing for another lonely phase of my life.

You text less these days. You know, when we used to have that joyful chatter at 2 am, talking about life, people, future, I wanted to ask for a favor. It’s just simply telling you to stick to me. I didn’t want to be behind in this lonely wood when you move on finally. I wanted to tell you when life will show you those fairy lights; for which I have prayed earnestly to date, don’t forget me. I don’t wish to be your priority in your newly-minted life, so don’t let go of the threads of our bonding.

I couldn’t tell you. But beneath this vastness, I still secretly yearn for you to return and chat with me in our same warm, cozy imaginary cottage once more.

The above piece is my entry to Literary Impulse’s challenge ‘When Words and Painting combine- Part 3’

Here goes the article on the beautiful artwork prompt by Souminibanerjee

Dedicating this piece to the lovely ladies of this publication, who shine brilliantly every day without fearing the odds of life. Happy women’s day, beautiful. 🤗



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