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Battling Ants

Descort poetry

Photo: James G. Brennan.

Chocolate cupcake crumbs
laughing gecko
Pays visits at breakfast
head raised sniffing,
I empty plate crumbs onto the table,
gecko grabs, scarpers with its feed.

Ant in waiting takes a chance
lifting its prize staggering off towards sanctuary’s
table crack
before pissed-off gecko devours them.

Sanctuary reached just barely in the crack
along comes stealth-like ant
pulling on the prize
cupcake and ant out of sanctuary
the battle for cake begins.
Stealthy ant determined to prise the prize
take what is not his
ignoring smaller pieces on the tabletop
it wants what ant number one has worked for.

The battle rages across the table
number one gains the upper hand only
to fall through another crack to the ground
other ants now come to take its ill-fated prize.

I thought ants worked together? Maybe this treacherous ant
wanted a seat at the table with the queen.

I watch treacherous ant scurry around for another piece of cake,
Why on earth did it not leave well alone
The more I watch the aggressive behaviour of ants
they remind me of the human race,
our collective consciousness
assimilated by those with influence and power.

I Want to blow this ant away,
it does not deserve this cupcake,
deciding to play sentinel, sitting back
watching the laughing gecko come back letting nature take its course.
It will with this ant, it will with the human race.

Dedicated to Somsubhra Banerjee for his love of bugs!

This Descort poetry piece is a response to Literary Impulse’s prompt, ‘Uncommon Poetic Forms’. prompted by Somsubhra Banerjee Patrick M. Ohana, Dr. Amy Pierovich and A. Nother Who I can’t find. Let me know and I will add yea!

The descort differentiates itself from other forms by differentiating its lines from other lines within the poem. That is, the main rule of descort poems is that each line needs to be different from every other line in the poem.

Here’s the link to uncommon poetic forms should you wish to give one a try. Ah, go on.

I would like to tag Titans, Paroma Sen, of course, Bob Jasper, what a guy. Calling Josie Elbiry and Dr. Jackie Greenwood, we’re missing you! Ah, another bloke, Stuart Englander Top man! Please forgive any repeat prescriptions, my friends. Of course, I was going to pick David Rudder, However, bet you have been tagged loads mate!

Thank you as always, Elisabeth Khan, Somsubhra Banerjee, Priyanka Srivastava, Nachi Keta for giving my words a platform. 🙏✨🙏✨
Thank you all for reading and your precious time. Always. J. 🙏☘✨



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James G Brennan

James G Brennan


Writes eclectic free verse poetry and is free to read. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.