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Don’t I Exist for You

A few intense verses on longing for love

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

You let your eyes grace upon all,
And yet you see me not.
You open your ears wide to the sounds of the world,
And yet hold them deaf to my voice.
Your lips part to every matter, trivial and principal,
And yet they refuse to speak to me.

Was it something I did or did not.
Was it something I said or did not.
Is it the die cast by fate or a self-wrought wrath.

Eyes that would look out for me now watch out for me.
Arms that would race to hold me now lay lame even to greet me.
What has changed that you would desert me in my desert.




A space for LITERARY FICTION, POETRY, PHILOSOPHY, POLITICS AND DIALOGUE with a mission of ‘social change through creative endeavours’.

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Tired of a normal life. Afraid of a different one. I’ve taken refuge in Poetry and dreams. Aspiring Aspirer.

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