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Forgotten — A Shadorma

Leaving quietly is something only a strong soul can do

Image by- Hans Ripa(unsplash)

You crushed me.
Despite the falseness
You chose then
I was calm.
My love was just a weakness,
You thought till the last.

I have written this shadorma in response to the Literary Impulse challenge, ‘Uncommon Poetic Forms.’

There are 6 syllabic lines in a shadorma poem, each consisting of 3–5–3–3–7–5 syllables. Moreover, you can link multiple shadormas together.

You can go through the amazing article written by Somsubhra Banerjee, which will provide you with info about the challenge. Also, it will provide you a better understanding of some of the uncommon forms of poetry. Only 2 days are left for the submission!

Explore the world of poetic forms!

Happy writing 😊

Thanks, dear Priyanka Srivastava for publishing my piece.🥰



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